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Benjamin Lew ‎– Le Personnage Principal Est Un Peuple Isolé LP

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Label STROOM 〰

Cat STRLP-027

Format LP Vinyl

“Benjamin Lew was an enlightened amateur, in the noble and almost Renaissance-like sense of the word: he dabbled with equal grace in photography, writing, visual arts ... and worked part-time as a cocktail mixer in a tropical bar which was one of the favourite watering holes of Brussels’ thriving artistic community of the early ‘80s. Tuxedomoon had just moved to Brussels, and Steven Brown was among the many musicians, designers & artists who patronized the bar. Benjamin had a secret passion: he wasn’t a musician, but had acquired a small analog computer, with which he had started creating these strange mysterious little pieces. Benjamin played them to Steven and asked him if he’d agree to record with him. Steven was taken with them and accepted. The Douzième Journée was largely created in the studio by both protagonists, with the help of Gilles Martin and myself, in the spring of ‘82. Listening to his albums (he went on to record four more with Crammed) is like embarking on a dream journey to the Sahara or the Far East. You’d think that some of the pieces feature non-European musicians or samples but: no... this is just Benjamin’s imagination, his synths, and his friends…” Marc Hollander, Feb. 2019


A1 Profondeurs Des Eaux Des Laques

A2 Moments

A3 Le Personnage Principal Est Un Peuple Isolé

A4 Face A Ce Qui Se Dérobe

A5 Qu’il Fasse Nuit

A6 The Wheel

B1 Little Birds Sit On Your Shoulder

B2 Etendue

B3 Ces Personnages

B4 Joyeux Regrets Imprécis

B5 Hommes Assis Devant Un Mur Chaulé

B6 La Magnifique Alcoolique


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