Vanligt Folk - Allt Ente LP
Kess Kill / Kontra Musik

Vanligt Folk - Allt Ente LP

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Label Kess Kill / Kontra Musik

Cat KM056/KESS12

Format LP Vinyl

Styles EBM, Electro, Experimental, Industrial

Allt E'nte is a reaction to the emerging expectation on politicization of music. a respons to the demand and implicit condition to be current, relevant and take a stand. Allt E'nte repudiates all responsibility, conveys hardly anything, but hopefully occupies space. Allt E'nte celebrates synthesis and rejects binaries. our hope is that Allt E'nte is as out-of-date in 200 years as it is today. No need to point out the paradox. Sincerely, Vanligt Folk


A1 BEng

A2 Boss

A3 Benny

A4 Bah SØD


B2 'nte

B3 (Allt e) POLITIKK



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