I want to say something about Vinylhouse and what’s behind to give you a short introduction about my business. Vinylhouse is a small online shop for all kind of electronic music. I start selling records 2008 on discogs through my account midori. The synonym midori comes from a novel by the japanese author Haruki Murakami „Norwegian Wood“ Ok it’s a female name, but a very nice one. The meaning is green and mostly written in Kanji or Hiragana みどり. My real name is Mathias and I’m a sole trader. Running an (online) record store was a dream since a long time. I start Vinylhouse 2015 as my full time profession. I want to share my experiences and my passion with you. Available is a comparatively small selection of contemporary music and some classics. Personally I’m interested in music since the 80ies, especially in electronic music. And since the late 80ies and early 90ies for Techno and House Music. I’m growing up with a lot of Synthie Pop and Dance Music, at that time I really loved Maxi Versions. With the first Acid House tunes in the late 80ies and the first Techno records from Detroit I fell in love with Techno and House Music. This passion exists still to date.