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Angophora ‎– Scenes LP

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Label Ken Oath Records

Cat KEN006

Format LP Vinyl

On the first long player release on Ken Oath records, we are proud as punch to step away from the dancefloor entirely and bring you a deep journey into the alfresco inspirations of life in the Australian bush. Sydney’s Angophora (Max Santilli and Jacob Fugar) present Scenes, where resting pulses and humid atmospherics frame gentle percussion, warm synth work and tasteful guitar licks that take a note from the Balearic handbook but remain clear in their appreciation and respect for the sounds and colours of Australian nature. Music best listened with the ancient ochres of the Australian outback in view. So seamlessly will the sonic palette of Scenes fit your surroundings, you’ll begin to question whether or not these gentle surroundings are being emitted from the wax spinning on your plate or Eucalypts whirring in the wind around you


A1 Returning

A2 Set Around

A3 Interchange 

A4 Float By 

B1 Uncarved

B2 Attachment

B3 Early Bird

B4 Scenes

B5 Breeze


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