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Biosphere ‎– Microgravity 3LP

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Label Biophon Records


Format 3LP Vinyl

A remastered version of Biosphere's debut album Microgravity on triple vinyl with a bonus album of unreleased tracks. From Wikipedia: Geir Jenssen began releasing his music as Biosphere on obscure Norwegian compilation albums. His first Biosphere releases were the 12-inch single "The Fairy Tale" and the album Microgravity, both of which were rejected by SSR as unmarketable.[1] Microgravity was released in 1991 on the Norwegian label Origo Sound, and saw wider release via the R&S Records subsidiary Apollo in 1992, to much critical acclaim.


A1 Microgravity

A2 Baby Satellite

B1 Tranquilizer

B2 The Fairy Tale

C1 Cloudwalker II

C2 Chromosphere

C3 Cygnus-A

D1 Baby Interphase

D2 Biosphere II

E1 Search

E2 Avenue 2.3

E3 Clovis

F1 Coulee

F2 Ectozone

F3 Dewy Fields

F4 Eternal


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