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Photic Fields

CCO - Road to the Stars 12"

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Label Photic Fields

Cat PF14

Format 12" Vinyl

Photic Fields usher a new name into the fold, Switzerland's Contra Communem Opinionem aka CCO. The Lux Rec and Mathematics alumni arrives with The Road to the Stars, five tracks of his trademark acid elegance. The ferocity of the 303 has been sheathed, percussion pared down with lush chords and deep warmth being the focus. House is the foundation from which CCO builds. Those time honoured sounds support cascading melodies and fragile keys for a 12" that borders between armchair abstraction, floor funk and the night sky.


A1 Lunar Outpost

A2 Space Colonization

A3 Stanford Torus

B1 Artificial Gravity

B2 The High Frontier


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