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Céline Gillain ‎– Bad Woman LP

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Label Drama


Format LP Vinyl

Though highly contemporary Bad Woman is an album that takes Pop music back to a time when lyrics where more than esthetic gimmicks. With Céline’s music, one cannot avoid to listen to what she has to say. To be honest we’ve not been struck by lyrics as much as with this record for quite a long time, and it keeps on growing.

Bad Woman can be seen as a mutant blend of everything that’s been produced by the music industry these last 30 years, from Cher’s delirious come-back in the 1990’s to the most embarrassing moments in Dance music (think Gabber and Happy Hardcore), blurring the frontier between “good” and “bad” taste, between commercial and alternative. Just like Cher’s Believe, Céline Gillain’s Bad Woman sometimes sounds like the music of a former diva who’s been through tough times, saw her expectations torn apart and came back to music with a bizarre testimony of her state of mind.


A1 Bad Woman

A2 Fight Or Flight

A3 Wealthy Humans

B1 In The Arena

B2 You're Magic

B3 I'm Grateful


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