CEM3340 – 080 DoLP
Curtis Electronix

CEM3340 – 080 DoLP

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Label Curtis Electronix

Cat CRTSX006

Format DoLP Vinyl

Styles Electro

CEM3340 is back on his own imprint with his first album "080". The double LP is a realistic reflection of the culture, the sound, the places, the people, the influences, and the tireless devotion to the machines that truly shape his daily life. 12 strong jams including 2 honorable remixes from DJ Overdose and Detroit's Filthiest and 3 tracks feat. Late Night Approach, 3KZ and 2030. Feelings, abrasive basslines, research, conversations with robots, solid ideas and weighty drums are perfectly spliced into his distinctive sound that will drag you instantly into his basement. Every track is chained to his journey. Every track is a step of his actual path. Dial "080" and let the 808 do the talking.


A1 Conversation

A2 Till The Sunrise

A3 Born To Make Beats (Feat. 2030)

B1 ION (Feat. 3KZ)

B2 Speak And Spell

B3 Speak And Spell (DJ Overdose Justice Remix)

C1 Ahora

C2 Rhythm Of The Night (Feat. Late Night Approach)

C3 Till The Sunrise (Detroit's Filthiest Remix)

D1 Crime Against Umanity

D2 After Mutation



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