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Freakout Cult

DJ Fett Burger And Stiletti Ana – 358 Men DoLP

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Label Freakout Cult

Cat CULT10

Format DoLP Vinyl

DJ Fett Burger and Finish mastermind producer Stiletti Ana have been making their first album together, titled 358 MEN. After their first successful 12'' Seriously Goodbye released on Sex Tags UFO four years ago, they continued the work in progress. And did a series of studio collaborations in Stilleti Ana's amazing Helsinki based Haista II studio, and it led to this double vinyl underground smash album. Containing nine atmospheric under the radar cuts, touching base in slow disco, electronic leftfield house, underground hip hop beats meets krautrock and dub, and some live sound experiments. A 100% style debut by the two producers. Original, leftfield, and with the live drummers groove and bliss synthesisers move to create the hypnothic swag. This will be DJ Fett Burger's debut album, and self released on his own and Jayda G's Freakout Cult label. Rumoured to be the last Freakout Cult release. So this will be the icing on the cake with everything under the tip of the ice berg included. Heavy weight in other words, for the top underground players!


A1 Intro

A2 Time Computer

A3 Win Some Lose Some

B Smell The Gasoline

C1 358 Intro

C2 358 Men

D1 Brain Dead

D2 Rhythm Twist

D3 Outro


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