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Donnie Tempo - Donnie Tempo 12"

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Label Alleviated Records

Cat ML2218

Format 12" EP Vinyl

Alleviated Records is proud to present the DONNIE TEMPO EP re-issue. Darren Brandon, producer behind artists such as Nature Love [Night Life Collective], Knu Je' [Distant Music] and Club Ice [Black Market International/MCA] and DJ Quad gives us this 3-track ep. Deeper house-music enthusiasts who are into the HISTORICAL facts and aspects behind the music will find much interest in the selection MENTAL PROBLEM on this EP. Mental Problem has it's own special place in the history of Chicago and the development of this music that the whole globe now enjoys. There were many dance tracks that were EXCLUSIVE to the dance floors of clubs in Chicago that were never released as commercial recordings, well - not until this issue of this very DEEP and ENERGETIC selection that embodies elements of ACID, DEEP and TRIBAL dance cuts. Enjoy!


A1 Inter...Jingle

A2 E-Base Factor

B   Mental Problem


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