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Franco Nanni ‎– Elicoide DoLP

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Label Affordable Inner Space

Cat AIS002

Format DoLP Vinyl

Franco Nanni’s ‘Elicoide’ is a lost gem previously released in 1987 only in few copies. The Italian musician has developed (with the assistance from Paolo Grandi on double bass) a minimalistic and repetitive structure expressed into five long compositions ranging from jazz, avantgarde and of­ course ambient music­, each one with its own precise character. It is an album that showcases his idea of ­ “Ascetic Trance” by referring to the music of John Cage, Arvo Pärt and the Mediterranean Organic scene. ‘Elicoide’ was performed live in a rare exhibition during the summer of 1987 by an ensemble with Franco Nanni himself, Paolo Grandi, Leo Croatto and Marcela Pérez Silva. During the performance, a special version of “Poesia” was presented for the first time, a song written by peruvian composer Daniel “Kiri” Escobar and re-arranged by Franco Nanni. The reissue is presented in two discs. The first contains the official repress of ‘Elicoide’, while the second vinyl includes four incredible unreleased extra tracks from the original sessions, and finally the haunting recording of “Poesia”, which close the tracklist (work).


A1 Mitochondria

A2 Interludio Con Dedica

B1 Elicoide

B2 Linfociti

B3 Mitosi

C1 Rna

C2 Meiosis

C3 Jonas

D1 Dna

D2 Poesia


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