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Bordello A Parigi

Futuro ‎– Alboroto LP

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Label Bordello A Parigi

Cat BAP101

Format LP Vinyl

…and in the end, not a great deal is known about the Spanish duo Futuro. The saga begins with the discovery of a cache of test pressings deep within the shelves of a very dusty record shop near the Plaza Del Toros De Valencia. As is the case with these things there was no promo sheet or any other information outside of three clues etched into the run-out groove: Futuro, Jollyman, MCMLXXXVII. Through deduction and reasoning it was soon realised that Jollyman was a short lived Italian record label that closed it’s doors in 1987. There were rumours for a while that Jollyman was a mafia wedding gift to a music enthused female family member, but as the journey continued it became slightly more likely that this was a tax write-off for it’s owners, as the label itself was never very successful, and was more likely an afterthought rather than a full on passion project. That is not to say that there were not gems hidden within it’s small catalogue, most notably from noted library musician, composer and arranger Alessandro Signoretti, without whose help this release would not be presently in front of you. Alessandro’s assistance led us to the infamous Hafenklang Studio in Hamburg, Germany. The very same studio used by Boytronic to record their classic LP ‘The Continental’ (some of the same DX presets can easily be heard on both albums) and despite the insane amounts of musicians that have passed through those doors the owner clearly remembered the duo and finally the mysterious Futuro had names: Javier C Rayón and Raúl Láynez.

Too late for the Italo boom, and too early for the Sonido De Valencia craze, the recordings of Futuro have sat on master tapes since 1987 finally awaiting their much deserved audience. Bordello A Parigi are more than proud to present this lost Late slow-mo synthesizer Italo masterpiece onto the world.


A1 Milano Maritima

A2 Camminare Senza Meta

A3 La Città

A4 Fantasma D'Amore

B1 Futurissimo

B2 Telefonata A Mezzanotte

B3 Veniamo Da Un Altro Pianeta

B4 Lancia Beta Montecarlo


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