Hessel Veldman / Enno Velthuys ‎– Boezem Ballet / In IJle Lucht 7"

Hessel Veldman / Enno Velthuys ‎– Boezem Ballet / In IJle Lucht 7"

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Label STROOM 〰

Cat STR7-031

Format 7" VInyl

Essential material from legendary Dutch oddballs Hessel Veldman & the late Enno Velthuys. Contains the previously cassette only 'Boezem Ballet' (released on Exart, 1984)and an unreleased track 'In IJle Lucht'.

“Enno was specific in encountering music. He couldn't deal with strange and dissonant sounds. His mind could only handle harmonic, soft 'kitsch-like' music.” - Hessel Veldman " In the Netherlands, Fluxus artist Willem de Ridder — magazine editor, radio producer, ‘ storyteller and activist — was a key figure in the Dutch arts and music scene. One of his many projects was the ‘Radiola Improvisation Salon’, made for the Dutch national VPRO radio, broadcasted from a castle-turned-music institute. De Ridder played music cassettes he received from visitors of the live show or from people who sent tapes by mail, without listening to them beforehand. He was the first to air Enno Velthuys’ music. Several home-tapers and close friends of de Ridder were present and they all fell silent in astonishment. Among them Rob Smit from Kubus Kassettes. He visited synthesizer artist Velthuys at his mom’s and convinced him of releasing ‘Ontmoeting’ (1982) and later on ‘Landscapes In Thin Air’ (1985). Also in the room that day was Hessel Veldman who already had released his first tape through de Ridder and the VPRO. After that, he felt the urge to bring out his own cassettes. Together with Nicole Veldman he created the Exart label. Veldman was a DIY experimental music pioneer from the late seventies. He started out with a tape recorder, cassette deck, an antique tube amplifier he broke off a wooden console radio, an electric...


A1 Boezem Ballet

B1 In Ijle Lucht

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