House For Her - Various Feelings 12" - Vinylhouse
House For Her - Various Feelings 12" - Vinylhouse
House For Her

House For Her - Various Feelings 12"

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Label House For Her

Cat HFH001

Format 12" Vinyl

House For Her is a label founding its birth in the need that She's Gone had to express his feelings in his mixes and productions. The time came to him, 1 year ago to give the floor to other people, to let everyone build pieces of music around their lived experience. In this release, the four artists came to cover in mist the wax in a cascade of tablecloths sometimes soft and other times more aggressive, to develop a EP rich in questioning, ranging from dance pieces to other more ambient things, Linking them together to tell a story. Raär and MP-57, as usual, darkened in the pile, revealing brutal tracks but nevertheless completely full of feelings. Devant, with a more colorful touch, has come to appease the Ep of a piece of a house deep and sexy, endowed with an atmosphere reminding us much nostalgia. And finally Entrave, in a final piece, quietly envelops us to finish to walk in this EP, as in a novel, a kind of sombre happy-end.


A1 Raär - You're Not On The List

A2 MP-57 - I.L.L

B1 Devant - 25 To Her

B2 Entrave - Brume Electrique (Ambient Mix)

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