Inventions And Diamentions - The Sleeper EP
Inventions And Diamentions - The Sleeper EP

Inventions And Diamentions - The Sleeper EP

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Cat PH.U.1

Format 12" Vinyl

Phoq U Phonogrammen is a recordlabel that puts out quick and dirty music, rough and soulful techno straight from the heart onto vinyl. Who gives a fuck about sound quality?

Not Fanon Flowers anyway, who was responsible for the first release in 1995. He had been dissed by a record company, a so-called 'underground' label from south of Detroit even before he ended up with Phoq U. As a student he lived in Ypsilanti nearby Detroit, but he is from Kalamazoo originally, the hometown of Jay Denham, the genius responsible for one of the best techno 12"s ever made: Fade II Black on Derrick May's Fragile Records. Inspired by Jay, he picked up producing tracks himself and in 1992, and made some raw, lo-fi analog 909/101-tracks.


A1 Raw Vibes

A2 Flim Flam

B1 Azure Sky

B2 Serinity


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