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Northern Electronics

Isorinne - Speechless Malison LP

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Label Northern Electronics

Cat NE47

Format LP Vinyl

There is an intricate sorrow to Isorinne's new album, 'Speechless Malison.' Though broadly melodic, it feels exhausted rather than restrained; though rippling with a pulse, the rhythmic passages are sparse, their measured source a great distance away. Building on last year's cassette, 'Echoic Memoir,' 'Speechless Malison' takes greater and emotive strides, however brittle the path.


A1 9.21

A2 3.29

A3 4.05

A4 4.55

A5 3.08

B1 5.45

B2 5.00

B3 5.18

B4 5.59

B5 2.56


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