Jaime Read ‎– The End Of 12"
For Those That Knoe

Jaime Read ‎– The End Of 12"

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Label For Those That Knoe

Cat KNOE 1/2

Format 12" Vinyl

In 2013, the For Those That Knoe imprint burst into record shops with a release from one of the UK’s unsung heroes, Jaime Read under his LHAS alias. 5 years later, we’re proud to present a reissue of a selection of Jaime’s music from his 1997 album “The End of the Beginning". Jaime’s take on futuristic chi-town influenced house is present across the selections. Written 21 years ago, the music is more relevant that ever. Serene galactic themes and time travel optimism permeate the collection: the music tells tales of optimism rather than the bleak images carved by other similar compositions of the time. Originally pressed in finite numbers, this is an opportunity to get a copy of the key material on vinyl again, split across two 180g 12″ EPs.


A1 After The Rains

A2 Collective Consciousness

B1 On The Surface Of The 9th Moon

B2 Time Wave


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