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Keith Tucker - Detroit Saved My Soul 12"

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Format 12" Vinyl

Detroit's Keith Tucker is a man of many names, the man behind AUX-88, Alien FM, DJ K-1, Optic Nerve and more. If you have even a vague interest in the Motor City's electronic output of the last 20+ years his name will be instantly recognisable as someone who turns out the highest calibre Electro and Techno jams, the type of records that look towards the future for inspiration, existing in the subterranea and sharing the same artistic vision of artists like Juan Atkins Drexciya, Erik Travis, Shake, DJ Stingray and many more. Originally released on Scottish imprint Seventh Sign recordings in 2005 'Detroit Saved My Soul' is a modern classic. It features all the hallmarks of classic 313 Techno and Electro which is to be expected with Tucker behind the boards. First cut 'It's A Mood (Detroit Saved My Soul)' is minimalism done right - stripped back drums with minor synth stabs punctuating flurries of vocoders and KT's voice describing the D as he sees it to us via the medium of music. Killer stuff. 'Elektronik' is up next, almost classically A-U-X sounding, pure Electro beats for the heads. Fast paced machine Funk from 50 years time beamed back to 2017 to tell us what's really up. Oh, watch that bassline, you could get into trouble. Finishing the EP we are treated to 'My Mental State', a slower paced, psychedelic Electro cut with killer drums and rim-shots featuring, again, KT's vox weaving in and out of the mix asking 'where are you, what are you doing?'. Absolutely essential tracks from a modern day Techno legend. Essential stuff.


A It's A Mood (Detroit Saved My Soul)

B1 Elektronik

B2 My Mental State


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