Kettel - Myam James 2 (10th Anniversary) DoLP
Lapsus Records

Kettel - Myam James 2 (10th Anniversary) DoLP

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Label Lapsus Records

Cat LPS-PS04

Format DoLP Vinyl

Lapsus Records proudly presents the fourth release in its 'Perennial' series, dedicated to reissuing classic and timeless pieces from established contemporary electronic music artists. Following the successful reissue of 'Myam James Part I' in 2018, Lapsus Records once again turns to cult producer Kettel aka Reimer Eising to offer the second instalment of his stunning work that in 2019, also marks ten years since its original release date on Dutch label Sending Orbs. 'Myam James 2' was the much anticipated continuation of a work that revolutionized the IDM scene and ten years on it sounds as fresh and current as ever. Although it was created as a conceptual extension to its prequel, on this occasion the album’s acid lines seem to develop in a way that allows space for melodic ambient passages and more intimate compositions, revealing Eising’s classical training and incorporating instruments including the cello and acoustic piano. The 'Mayam James 2' blueprint is extraordinary, with energetic braindance and electro tracks interlaced with sonic interludes, often reminiscent of French minimalism and impressionism –'Shinjuku Inn', 'Sauce' and 'Song From 4pm Herring' are good examples of this. This year Lapsus Records will celebrate the tenth anniversary of this audio treasure with a special collectors edition double vinyl pressing, re-mastered by Xavier Alarcón and accompanied by a lithographic print from the original artwork by illustrator Jeroen Advocaat. This deluxe reissue will also contain two unreleased tracks produced at the time of the album’s original release: 'Boltklap' and 'Lisenlily'.


A1 Kingscourt Imp

A2 Shinjuku Inn

A3 Michael Space Airlines

A4 Cherie

A5 Pers Patrys

B1 Boekebaas

B2 You Understand This Night

B3 Nicola

B4 Sentiment

B5 Song From Toverpeeks

C1 Begging For A Herring

C2 Hymnuh

C3 Verkens In London

C4 Sauce

C5 Song From 4pm Herring

C6 Lisenlily

D1 Kitana

D2 Boltklap

D3 Memory Steps

D4 Fish Creek

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