KineStatics ‎– Labyrinth 12"

KineStatics ‎– Labyrinth 12"

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Label FireScope

Cat FS013

Format 12" Vinyl

And now for something completely different ! - The second vocal lead EP on FireScope - This time introducing KineStatics … A collaboration between Steven Rutter and Karla Hajman/Stereochemistry. Downtempo techno and quirky vocals are what this EP is about, covering challenging topics such as labyrinths and obstacles we place in our own heads ; war ; destruction ; and the end of the the world. Labyrinth a lush techno vibe with a marching drum; a song about the twists and turns of our own minds; leading into Grmi Seva where a balkan vibe built around a conflict themed remake of a Yugoslavian children’s song continues our journey. The last track on Side A 'Till The End Of The World is a very downtempo affair where a baseline provides the underpinning for Karla to tell her tale of a world on its way to its own demise. The B Side provides the beats and baselines of Grmi Seva followed by a dubby alternate rendering of Labyrinth. Finished in Clear with Blue splatter vinyl with exclusive artwork by Mass Roman


A1 Labyrinth

A2 Grmi Seva

A3 'Till The End Of The World

B1 Grmi Seva Beats

B2 Labyrinth Trip


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