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Morphology - Traveller DoLP

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Label FireScope

Cat FS011

Format DoLP Repress clear Vinyl

The in-demand Finnish duo Morphology joins FireScope Records for their 10-track ‘Traveller’ LP — a vision of travel to destination unknown.


A1 Distant Signal

A2 Second Light

A3 Farthest Regions

B1 Hidden Variable

B2 Memory Fragments

B3 Detached

C1 Pod Bay 8

C2 Bipolar Nebula

D1 Kernel Method

D2 Deuteros


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After having released two albums on Zyntax Motorcity and EPs on labels such as Central Processing Unit, Cultivated Electronics, Emotions Electric and Abstract Forms, Morphology’s third album continues their intensive deep-space exploration at the intersection of electronic/electro music and scientific discovery. Awash in the beautiful sounds of hardware-derived music direct from Morphology’s command center, the album takes listeners into their skilfully crafted universe. Each track is a new world in itself of crisp beats, deep basslines and melancholic melodies. Interspersing the frenetic pace of hyper-speed travel with ethereal landings, ‘Traveller’ is an intergalactic trip without taking off your headphones. The radio static of ‘Distant Signal’ mysteriously invites you to tune into an otherworldly frequency. You select ‘Y’ and hit enter to get to ’Second Light’, its fluttering arp work and foreboding bassline taking travellers to the next higher dimension. You land on the planet ’Farthest Regions’ with a touch of the Orient and misty atmosphere surrounds. A contemplative mood settles in before you take off again with ‘Hidden Variable’, its haunting sustained pads and adrenaline-fuelled beats signalling both thrill and danger. The ambient atmospherics ’Memory Fragments’ flings one lost into space for a brief interlude, before ‘Detached’ and ‘Pod Bay 8’ gears back in warp speed mode. The combined energetics of Intricate breakbeat drum patterns, fierce basslines and spacey cold atmospherics deliver the album’s dancefloor apex. ‘Bipolar Nebula’ soars up to further stratospheric heights and a soft landing while the intelligent brain dance ’Kernel Method’ gives one to the head-nodders. The lingering final track ‘Deuteros’ algorithmically skips, taps and signs out on what has been an out of this world sonic adventure — from faraway lands to abstract spatial dimensions and beyond.


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