Newworldaquarium - The Dead Bears 3LP
NWAQ - Newworldaquarium

Newworldaquarium - The Dead Bears 3LP

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Label NWAQ - Newworldaquarium

Cat APE-LP02

Format 3LP Vinyl

Styles Ambient, Deeo House, House, Techno

As Jochem Peteri returns his attention to the jewels buried in his back catalogue, including last year's reissue of the 154 LP Strike, it's a relief to know this understated rough diamond is getting the appropriate reissue treatment. 3xLP remastered, recut, a full 11 tracks deluxe edition of this timeless gem, TIP!


A1 The Force

A2 Star Power

B1 Noworldbutu

B2 Avon Sparkle

C Trespassers

D1 The Tide You Can't Feel

D2 The Dead Bears

E1 Shine Eyed


F1 Kirana's Lament

F2 Kemo Sabe


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