Newworldaquarium - The Dead Bears 3LP
NWAQ - Newworldaquarium

Newworldaquarium - The Dead Bears 3LP

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Label NWAQ - Newworldaquarium

Cat APE-LP02

Format 3LP Vinyl

As Jochem Peteri returns his attention to the jewels buried in his back catalogue, including last year's reissue of the 154 LP Strike, it's a relief to know this understated rough diamond is getting the appropriate reissue treatment. 3xLP remastered, recut, a full 11 tracks deluxe edition of this timeless gem, TIP!


A1 The Force

A2 Star Power

B1 Noworldbutu

B2 Avon Sparkle

C Trespassers

D1 The Tide You Can't Feel

D2 The Dead Bears

E1 Shine Eyed


F1 Kirana's Lament

F2 Kemo Sabe


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