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Obergman - Universal Hologram EP

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Label Börft Records

Cat Börft151

Format 12" EP Vinyl

Another excursion for the genre independent Borft label. Celebrated artist Obergman delivers a six tracker record for fans of acid and electro. The release is initiated with the drexciyan styled electro track "GERMINATION" with occasional strings that brings some light in the atmosphere of desolate landscapes, followed by the groovy electrotech melodic track "UNEXPECTED CONNECTION" The acid techno workout "ACID HEALING" slowly builds with sweet melodic strings into floorfilling potential while the B-side begins with "INFLATABLE". A Bass ridden driving acid techno track with ominous melodic stabs that works well when doing a build-up mix into more frenzy territory. The b2 track "GREENGLOW" explores rocking acid lines bonded by delicate smooth detroit styled strings. Last track of the record, "UNIVERSAL HOLOGRAM", is a strong beautiful electro track with great electric pulses, melancholic atmosphere and subtle strings.. -Momenth


A1 Germination

A2 Unexpected Connection

A3 Acid Healing

B1 Inflatable

B2 Greenglow

B3 Universal Hologram


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