Patrice Scott ‎– Moments & Concepts 12"
Sistrum Recordings

Patrice Scott ‎– Moments & Concepts 12"

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Label Sistrum Recordings

Cat SIS-030

Format 12" Vinyl

Label head, Patrice Scott is back at the controls for another round of high quality sound exploration. Moments & Concepts builds on the unshakeable Sistrum legacy with savory house cuts and a down tempo slow-burner that is sure to find favor amongst those who like to break things down a bit. Once again, P. Scott sets the gold standard for the essence of the Sistrum sound.


A   Moments & Concepts

B1 Be Free

B2 Song For Mia


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A1 - Moments & Concepts
Patrice gets right to business as a tight kick and loopy jazz drums are underpinned by warm, round bass tones that dance and bubble in all the right ways. Before long, a beautifully hypnotic piano riff sneaks in and follows the bass line, pushing the groove forward. Spacey synth parts and vocal bits slide in to create a P. Scott signature groove, rooted in both the past and the future of Detroit house music.

B1 – Be Free
Classic house vibes are on display here, as a luscious chord progression is followed tightly by a lock step bass line, sizzling hats and crisp claps. Vocals drop into the mix to bring additional soul to the floor while the rhythm section chugs insistently onward. The message is simple – be free to do your thing and let the music move

B2 – A Song For Mia
Rounding out the ep in top form, P. Scott shifts gears and slows things down on this down tempo hip-hop piece. Deep synth strings envelope a slinky drum groove and punchy bass line before a gentle piano riff eloquently rises and follows along, adding further color to the mix. Twinkling, melodic synth plucks float in as a sweet lead line adds a final layer of sonic love to the equation.

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