Plant43 ‎– Scars Of Intransigence DoLP

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Label Shipwrec


Format DoLP Vinyl, Repress 2021

Styles Electro, Techno

Plant43 is releasing his next album, Scars Of Intransigence, on Shipwrec in autumn 2014. An associate of labels like CPU, Semantica, the late Ai Records and Frustrated Funk, Plant43 has been producing since 2006 and has released more than 70 tracks, equally inspired by the 80's electro of his youth and the Drexcyian sounds of the 90's. He has a strong artistic vision and that plays out in this carefully crafted album, which has been written as a coherent story that unfolds from start-to-finish. Rather than being purely a collection of DJ tools, Scars Of Intransigence has also been made with the home listening experience in mind so that the album works in both contexts equally well. Kicking off with 'Dormant Technology', a liquid electro funk is set in motion immediately. From there the tempo drops into the doleful and sombre 'Unnamed Resistance' before 'Cavernous Bones' explores deeply emotive electro, 'Fire Burning Inside' demonstrates Emile's ability to programme a hugely resonant synth line and 'The Coldest Rule' then comes on like a dystopian vision of an unsettled underwater world. 'Wounding Words' is a tentative track that is imbued with a real musicality as well as ponderous sense of cerebral charm and closing tracks 'Emerald Abyss' and 'Pale Reflection' are fantastic offerings that glow with a retro charm at the same time as pushing electro well into the future.


A1 Dormant Technology

A2 Unnamed Resistance

B1 Cavernous Bones

B2 Fire Burning Inside

C1 The Coldest Rule

C2 Wounding Words

D1 Emerald Abyss

D2 Pale Reflection


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