R.Ess048 ‎– CRG77 EP 12" - Vinylhouse
R.Ess048 ‎– CRG77 EP 12" - Vinylhouse
Hidden Village

R.Ess048 ‎– CRG77 EP 12"

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Label Hidden Village

Cat CRG77

Format 12" Vinyl

Excavated from a now lost cassette, 'CRG77' is a series of improvisations conceived of little sleep and minimal natural light. Perhaps best described as the sonic equivalent of a strong indica, contorted dance music under the influence of a forty year old echo pedal. Hidden Village is a new London based label with no agenda and no direction. Created by R.ess 048, a pseudonym for members of a well known South London crew who wish to remain nameless and were behind one of last year's most forward thinking underground releases. 'CRG77' is an after hours excursion into the deepest depths of the weed-box. Comes with ultra-Lo-Fi A4 b&w insert designed by one of the crew. Punk as fuck. Mining the same dusted plains as fellow travellers SVN, Madteo, Sex Tags, Regelbau 


A1 Untitled

A2 Untitled

A3 Untitled

A4 Untitled

B1 Untitled

B2 Untitled

B3 Untitled


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