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Lobster Theremin White

Ross From Friends - Don't Sleep, There Are Snakes 12"

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Label Lobster Theremin White

Cat LTWHT011

Format 12" Vinyl

Ross From Friends returns to the Lobster pot with a hard skatin, snake evadin', cherry chompin' EP of luscious house bangers alongside raw stomping, broken beatdown escapades. After making some serious waves over the past 12 months with the cult hit Talk To Me You'll Understand and following with an epic three-person live set, this third EP and sophomore release for the Lobster family expands on the RFF sound whilst stretching the sound pallet back to encompass the rawer end of the spectrum as seen on his debut for Breaker Breaker. Summer blasts through the windows, doors and ceiling like a nuclear flush of sunshine, rush of heather and cool, sprinkled breeze for days. Woozing synths and phasers wash over a indelible vocal loop. As swishing in and around vintage drum battering and MPC heavy arrangement chops. xoxoxo is a headsy, beats-led excursion into the more broken end of the house/techno/bass spectrum. Taking a strong influence from early Mount Kimbie and grinding it through classic machines and loaded with that RFF grit. Exploring further Ross From Friends habits for tangental arrangements, Crystal Catcher (Weed) is an ecstatic, excitable jaunt that segues from one zonal fragmented crystalline mood into another. A lost wanderer into the deep green haze. A small teaser that landed last year and an apt emotional closer. Donny Blew It is US teen heartbreak drama distilled into 7 minutes of luminous, rolling and striding house music. Warmth flooding from every speaker.


A1 In An Emergency


B1 Crystal Catcher (Weed)

B2 Donny Blew It


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