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Central Processing Unit

S>>D - Co Intel PRO DoLP

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Label Central Processing Unit

Cat CPU00110111

Format DoLP Vinyl

S>>D aka Sean Dorris from Belfast delivers his debut album 'Co Intel Pro' on CPU. Refined sampling alongside hip hop influenced breaks sees S>>D operating in a similar dimension to VHS Head. Reminiscent of 1980s sci-fi soundtracks interwoven with IDM-tinged electro, haunting atmospheres prevail throughout with hints of a genre that has yet to emerge. Presented over 2x12" vinyl at 45rpm for superior sound quality.


A1 Intro / Preflight


A3 Co Intel Pro

A4 After Burner

B1 Airlock

B2 Best Seller

B3 Devil's Tower

B4 Nightgaunts

C1 Silver Shamrock Intermission

C2 Habu

C3 Capra / Split Diopter

D1 Fragment Of Fear

D2 Cell Intruder

D3 Skyhook Theme

D4 Kill Screen


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