Secret Circuit - Out Of Body Interiors 12"
Invisible, Inc.

Secret Circuit - Out Of Body Interiors 12"

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Label Invisible, Inc.


Format 12" Vinyl

Coming out in late July from the man who brought you E Ruscha V's "Who Are You" to great acclaim earlier this year is Secret Circuit's 2nd EP for Invisible Inc, the cryptically titled "Out Of Body Interiors". Featuring four exclusive new tracks of the acid drenched, dubbed out, tropical disco variety Mr Ruscha, as always, delivers a sonic palette you won't find on many other imprints: from the turbo-charged homage to early 90s bleep meets indie rave euphoria of Stomping Ground, through the chugging, motorik groove of Crazy Ways which sounds like it's blasting out full volume from a smoke-filled Space Patrol hovercar gone rogue then flipping over to side B and waking up in Mali, Andromeda in a haze of syncopated percussion, other-worldly guitar licks and a billion new synthetically generated sounds that you may strongly suspect you just finally The Feather Drop which brings entirely new meaning to the word deep and which fires technicolour sounds of profoundly immense variety at the synapses at a rate of knots not many other producers can keep up with as all the while the bass holds court and keeps things deep rooted and dub heavy. Secret Circuit (aka Eddie Ruscha V) has had a plethora of releases on an equally expansive plethora of labels under such names as The Parels (Lal Lal Lal), Blasé (ESP Institute), Food Of The Gods/Laughing Light Of Plenty (Whatever We Want), Odd Numbers ('No' Label), Shadow Kids (El Diablo's Social Club) and of course as Secret Circuit (Beats In Space, Emotional Response and Invisible, Inc.)


A1 Stomping Ground

A2 Crazy Ways

B1 Hedz

B2 The Feather Drop


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