Shams Dinn - Shams Dinn LP
Smiling C

Shams Dinn - Shams Dinn LP

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Label Smiling C

Cat SC#01

Format LP Vinyl

Styles Funk / Soul, Hip Hop

New label Smiling C starts off with a compilation LP of released and unreleased works by the Arabic rapper, Shams Dinn. For their first ever reissue, Smiling C connects with the Arabic rapper Shams Dinn to release a compilation his best songs, including the hit "Hedi Bled Noum". The compilation covers his entire career of with songs made between 1985-1990, most of which went unreleased at the time. One of the few Moroccan rappers to ever be recorded on vinyl back in the 80s, Shams Dinn was a pioneer of Arabic flow. Starting his career because he wanted to be a positive light for the Arabic immigrants living in France. He earned his status participating in freestyle competitions, and performing in small clubs around Europe. His career came to a turning point when he was asked by a major label to record a full LP. Unfortunately, the label decided they didn't want to promote Arabic music (largely because of the Gulf War) - and asked Shams to translate the Arabic to French. Shams Dinn wouldn't stand for that, and he was dropped from the label. The following years he worked at a school, teaching kids how to rap and express themselves through words. The reissue comes with newly imagined art, and an inner sleeve with interview and photos.


A1 Hedi Bled Noum

A2 Rai Al Mal Boule

A3 Shams Dinn (Wald Bladi Zine)

A4 Vieille France

B1 Ane Dassi M'we

B2 Sleke Machine

B3 Hedi Bled Noum (Instrumental)

B4 Toutes Ces Femmes


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