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Steven Rutter ‎– From Me To You 12"

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Label FireScope

Cat FS009

Format 12" Vinyl

This is the ninth EP on FireScope Records, the new sub-label of the legendary B12 Records. Although B12 output has been the solo work of Steven since 2015-2017, this time he steps outside of the B12 name and releases under his own name. One of the founders of UK Techno, he has released on labels such as Warp Records UK, B12 Records, Soma Records, Delsin Records, FireScope Records, ART , Buzz and De:Tuned. The EP entitled “From Me To You” is all about the sharing and passing on of feelings and emotions from another place. It touches on sadness, joy and gratitude. “Down And Down” is a Sombre Title: where is down and down to where? Don’t be fooled into thinking that this is another journey into darkness. This track is pure and glorious uplifting Techno but once again with an alter-ego of melancholy. A pensive string/pad line underpins the track, which is dominated by a glorious slide riff that takes the helm and propels it forward. “Decliner Box” is manic depression in a music form. A very simple tune, it’s about mental decline with some nifty 808 programming. It is so simple and sounds like ‘anyone could do this’ yet in conjunction with the moody pads, really captures the imagination and drifts you away. “The Life Giver” is dedicated to the life giver and “a power greater than me”. It has Rutter’s trademark quirky drum programming, a strong feature of the producer’s current output these past 2 years. Crunchy and almost disjointed, they all hold together. There is no real baseline here, but with a siren to the heavens throughout with pads and slide riffs interwoven, it becomes a tune of hope and emotion. “The Battle Continues” is the third instalment in the “Battle” series of tracks with its predecessors being “Battle Within” on FireScope 001 and “Battle Deep Within” on Touched - Music for Macmillian Cancer Support 35. This time, “The Battle Continues” is a tune of two parts. Slow moving and very deep drums and percussion with emotive synth parts take us to the first part of this ride. Around 3:20, phase two begins with a soundscape that reminds one of being on some kind of train journey of human suffering -- a train to a very dark place. Finished in glorious yellow and white splatter vinyl with exclusive full colour artwork by Steven’s wonderful friend, Sarah Sparkes.


A1 Down And Down

A2 Decliner Box

B1 The Life Giver

B2 The Battle Continues


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