TV Victor ‎– Moondance DoLP

TV Victor ‎– Moondance DoLP

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Label Tresor


Format DoLP Vinyl

Thirty years after its original release in West Berlin, Tresor Records is glad to present a re-mastered and re-cut edition of TV Victor’s legendary debut album Moondance. TV Victor, one of Tresor’s spearhead artists since the label’s very first hour, is an alias of Udo Heitfeld. In 1989, TV Victor launched his first solo project under the form of Moondance. He then went on to compose legendary ambient and trance productions including Trance Garden 1-3, Trancecology Chapter 1 , Timeless Deccelaration and The Ways Of The Bodies. TV Victor collaborated with other artists such as Moritz von Oswald, Thomas Fehlmann, Max Loderbauer, Paul Browse or Tobias Freund, amongst many others. From the liner notes: “These songs are an invitation to your consciousness. Moondance is the sound of your aware body. The moon is the place where your body realizes consciousness. Floating and dancing is the way people come together. A di erent kind of gravity, a di erent state of mind and electricity between man and woman makes it alive. Find your own moon.”


A1 Rendevouz In Space

A2 Tomorrow

B1 Moon Dance - The Original

B2 They Are Coming

B3 Strange World

C1 Moon Dance II - The Dance

C2 Lunatic Creature

D1 Room To Move

D2 Lost


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