V/A‎ – Five Years Of Tears Vol. 2

V/A‎ – Five Years Of Tears Vol. 2

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Label Pinkman


Format 12" Vinyl

Pinkman delivers another sturdy record for the connoisseurs of discomforting electronics. The second 5 Years Of Tears release unifies 6 artists, each with their own interpretation of the labels ill-famed sound, embodied in vibrating basslines, metallic beats, and corrosive acid. Gear yourself up for yet more nerve-racking music and get accustomed to the obscurity of this series of releases, because the madness is all but finished.


A1 Kris Baha - Beatthemachine

A2 Borusiade - Hands Watch

A3 TYVYT|IYTYI - Never Here Before

B1 Jann - Al Batard

B2 Retrograde Youth - Final Days

B3 LVRIN - Black Tank

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