V/A - Kumo No Muko: A Journey Into 80's Japan's Ambient And Synth Pop Sound DoLP
Jazzy Couscous

V/A - Kumo No Muko: A Journey Into 80's Japan's Ambient And Synth Pop Sound DoLP

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Label Jazzy Couscous

Cat HRLP108/109 JC11

Format DoLP Vinyl

Tokyo based label Jazzy Couscous brings you Alixkun's latest project "Kumo No Muko", a 12 tracks x2 LP compilation produced in collaboration with HMV record shop. Indeed, Alixkun is back with this project he has crafted during his 10 years spent digging in the dusty crates of Tokyo, exploring the many faces of Japanese music. After having brought you the essence of 90s underground Japanese house with the x3 LP "House...Once upon a time in Japan", he has decided to explore a more ambient and atmospheric side of Japanese music. With "Kumo No Muko", he dives in the 80s era of Japan, standing for economic prosperity, the beginning of the bubble era and a desire for exotic sensations. The opening track, "Underwater Dreaming" by Takashi Kokubo, is just that: an ode to resorts, seas and setting suns. Slow paced and oneiric, it will take you on a journey into the deep blue sea. The two following tracks see wonderful ambient performances by some of the most incredible Japanese composers with Keizo Inoue, Kazumi Watanabe, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Nobuyoshi Ino. Other tracks like Dip in the Pool's "Kuroi Dress No Onna" or Mami Koyama's "Love Song" bring on a floating vocal layer to deep and ethereal instrumentals, adding an authentic Japanese flavor to this project, while Fumio Miyashita's "In The Beginning" or Yoshio Suzuki's "The Mirage", through their mystic pad's variations, sound like an invitation to space exploration far beyond the limits of human's imagination. Chakra's closing track "Itohoni", with its repetitive mantra and uplifting instrumental, finally resonates like a joyful firework closing down the curtain on a wonderful project, revealing many other rare gems that remained unnoticed so far. Kumo No Muko stands as a tribute to a scene & era kept in the dark until recently, excavated by a Tokyo digger, for all the diggers around the world.


A1 Takashi Kokubo - Underwater Dreaming

A2 Keizo Inoue - Kitsu Tsuki

A3 Nobuyoshi Ino - Window

B1 Masaaki Ohmura - A Touch Of Temptation

B2 Dip In The Pool - Kuroi Dress No Onna

B3 Shigeru Suzuki - Silver Snow Shining

C1 Chika Asamoto - Obsession

C2 Mami Koyama - Love Song

C3 Fumio Miyashita - In The Beginning

D1 Yoshio Suzuki - The Mirage

D2 Yumi Murata - Watashi No Bus

D3 Chakra - Itohoni

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