V/A - The World Of Interactive Test 12"

V/A - The World Of Interactive Test 12"

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Label Art-Aud


Format 12" Vinyl

Art-aud is thrilled to present you a big thing. Its been in the work for a while, a project collaboration with the historical Italian label, Interactive Test. Founded in '91 from the crazy minds of the two brothers Franco and Riccardo Falsini, it was one of the first real underground imprints to born in Italy and to propose an innovative sound at the time, that soon after exploded all over the world more and more. With almost 40 releases done in a few years, the two brothers have really created an empire, a stronghold in the hills of the belle Florence. Now, after more than 25 years, we have decided to bring back the light to what for us are the most significant tracks and visions from their world, sign of a past but still very current present and future, in a sort of "greatest hits" vinyl compilation. Six tunes of six different names, and different vibes, taken from different eps (all rare to find now), nicely remastered from the source files by Alden Tyrell.


A1 Rick 8 - Hypernotes Velocity

A2 Agent Fylfoyt - Tribalism

A3 I Believe - Eagle Parade

B4 Open Spaces - Speaking In Tongues

B5 Disfrequency - New Regeneration Event 2

B6 Sick Hardcore - Psycodrome

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