Various Artists - Vital Impetus LP

Various Artists - Vital Impetus LP

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Label June

Cat JUNE14

Format LP Vinyl

June Record’s latest compilation welcomes new artists on the label, the Australian newcomer Lbeeze, Raum-Zeit (Toni Quiroga & Eindkrak), Mannequin Records’ boss Alessandro Adriani, Morah (Phormix), Penelope’s Fiance and Outermost & Venus Volcanism.


A1 Lbeeze - Racked

A2 Raum-Zeit - Nitro Buggy

A3 Alessandro Adriani - Nazìr Al-Samt

A4 Morah - Shadow of Night

B1 Alessandro Adriani - Muḳābala

B2 Penelope's Fiance - Foreshadowing of the upcoming war

B3 Penelope's Fiance - She asked for fire but she didn't wanna get burned

B4 Outermost & Venus Volcanism - Snake Goddess

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