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Various - Tone DropOut Vol. 4 12"

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Label Tone DropOut Records

Cat TD17004

Format 12" Vinyl


A1 Dawl - Caught With A Spray Can

A2 The He-Men - Subcom

B1 Corporeal - Face Phantasies

B2 World Of Batter - Peaks Transparent


The Strange Case of Tone Drop Out Volume 4

I have tried to recount this most peculiar of musical cases many times before but with each attempt some strange ailment has struck me dumb. I feel that if I put fingers to keyboard I might at least be able to help other revellers, less fortunate than myself to share my wicked fate.

One late summer evening I had the good fortune to stumble upon a weighty tome entitled Tone Drop Out Volume 4. Mastered to perfection by Craig Bratley, I further discovered that this substantial slab of vinyl was in fact an unholy conduit to the very rave gods I had tried to flee some ten years previously. The first incantation was a mesmerising, muffled bleeping prayer, a killer bass line squelching to perfection, summoned forth by Dawl, a guise he entitled Caught With A Spray Can. This was indeed not for the faint-hearted and I could only wonder what dark messages were hidden in that glorious aural graffiti.

As I plunged further into my personal valley of delirium, I found a track born of John Lilly’s LSD-25 induced pareidolia. This Jungian synchronicity, this addiction to rave whoops was none other than the Corporeal Face, the alter ego of a London DJ, an entity claiming to be Joe Roberts, whose adventures had taken him from Detroit after hours to Berlin boat parties. Phantasies skewed those hardcore tropes I had known in my youth and secured my passage on board a trippy, breakbeat, techno ride that alternated between cascading ecstasy and a macabre bass that I had no intention of ever departing from.

Yet depart I did. My transcendental state plunged me further into new realms of consciousness as I became immersed in Peaks Transparent, a four/four shuffler that pounded my spirit across the sonic peaks and troughs built by synths and pads, a monument to the non compos mentis World of Batter, better known by his id, Miles Davies. What were those haunting vocals that teased me from beyond the veil of my inner most shadow aspect? Would they set me free or forever imprison me in their enigma? Secretly I wished for the latter. Do Ears Have Eyes?

My journey to the astral plane saw me ride the Valkyrie with The He-Men. We had travelled the sea of tranquillity together many times before but this time they were attempting to conjure the mighty Sub Com, a spirit track that builds upon their weird fascination with squelching acid and rolling basslines that ebb and flow like the cosmic swirls and eddies of quasi mythology. Once through this pulsating tunnel of tick and boom I found myself reborn in a strange apartment looking at a shadow over Innsmouth. I had narrowly escaped a rave seizure such was the power invoked by my extended play but my adventures were just beginning…

as in the name of the e.p this is our fourth vinyl release. and dare i say it my favourite.
To mark this occassion not only do you have Dawl and The He-Men on this e.p you also have Corporeal face aka Joe Roberts a new firm member of the dropout family and World of batter aka Miles Davies the better half (ha ha ), of our friends Ears have Eyes , who themselves have had many great releases and people we will be working close with for long to come especially in the party side of things. this ep is not for the light hearted its a breakbeat / rave extravaganza.
would like to give a massive shout to Craig bratley for mastering all these trax , done a great job, big up respec.

Dawl track Caught with a spraycan - quality breakbeat from dawl as always , with tearing drums and mesmerising muffled bleeps rolling along, then comes that killer bassline to beef this ever moving squelching floor filling banger along, as always top dog dawl produces the goods.

Corporeal Face - Phantasies - another breakbeat rave monster, tearing dark bass line and the wo wo wo wo reminiscing the losts -Gonzo, roll along before the bleeps and then floor stopping vocal kicks in THE PHANTASY , another cracking dancefloor filler, after hearing this you can see why joe is now part of our family respec .

World of Batter - Peaks transparent - this is a totally mesmerising four four shuffler, wicked beat pounding through, with a muffled background voice there just enough to haunt you, while the synths and pads roll and build up and down. so happy to have ears have eyes in our crew quality fellas talented producers.

The He-Men - Sub Com - Kicking off with a straight four four beat and rolfs wobble board then comes the percussion and our trademark little noises that introduce the squelchy acid bassline, rolling along with noises coming in and out all the way as the acid builds , before tick tick boom comes the full on rave synths and hardcore break beat that elevates this tune and proper bangs it out, before then very gradually goin back to four four and acid to calm ya down a bit before have have a rave seisure.


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