Vectorvision ‎– The Star Dwellers EP
Lone Romantic

Vectorvision ‎– The Star Dwellers EP

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Label Lone Romantic

Cat LR008

Format 12" Vinyl

"Vectorvision aka Brian Bishop joins underground luminaries such as Carl Finlow and Lord of the Isles on the Lone Romantic roster. Similar in aesthetic to Finlow's work, Star Dwellers is a futuristic, at times bleak electro release. It starts off with the stripped back, metallic funk of "Age of Ruin", its slinky rhythm conjuring up the soundtrack to a crumbling industrial city scape. "City of Illusion" sees Bishop take a turn down an alternate route, with ice cool synths unravelling against a low-slung electronic groove. "Vortex Unknown" is similar in approach to "Ruin", but sees Bishop deliver a tougher workout, with mechanical squelches and blips reverberating against a tough, robotic rhythm." Juno


A   Age of Ruin

B1 City of Illusion

B2 Vortex Unknown


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