Vladimir Dubyshkin - Budni Nashego Kolhoza 12"

Vladimir Dubyshkin - Budni Nashego Kolhoza 12"

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Label трип

Cat TRP030

Format 12" Vinyl

Styles Techno, Trance

Returning to TRIP after last year's fantastic 'cheerful pessimist' EP, Vladimir Dubyshkin presents 'budni nashego kolhoza', an abstract portrait of the 'everyday life of a collective farm.' On these driving, iridescent tracks Dubyshkin is as self-assured as he is unhinged. He advances with a controlled intensity - taunting vocal cuts loop and spiral over pulsating, muscular rhythms that seem moments away from derailing. It's a gripping descent into delirium, dragged ankle-first by Dubyshkin.


A1 Rural Woman

A2 Grasshopper's Opinion

B1 Customs & Traditions

B2 Elvis Has Left The Building


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