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Astral Industries

Waveform Transmission - V 2.0-2.9 DoLP

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Label Astral Industries

Cat AI-08

Format DoLP Vinyl 180g

Forthcoming on Astral Industries. Back in the mists of 1996, two chaps by the name of Rod Modell and Chris Troy released an album of stark, ambient drift for legendary fringe label Silent records, whose roster until that time included The Halfer Trio, Organum, The Heavenly Music Corporation and was run by Kim Cascone himself. Since the fruitful time when V 1.0-1.9 came out, Rod Modell has gone on to become one of the most prolific proponents of contemporary dub-influenced techno, building on the foundations set down by the forefathers Mark Ernestus and Moritz von Oswald through his primary concerns Deepchord and cv313 (with Steve Hitchell). And Chris Troy? Who knows! Little info exists about this elusive artist, even in the deep, dark corners of the internet. Now Waveform Transmission returns with t he first new material in twenty-years, released on the only obvious home for such a thing: the fantastic Astral Industries label ran outta London. This recent LP is marked by a far more optimistic and generally warmer vibration than the early material, but the same slightly ominous hiss and static remain. For our money, this is one of the best projects Modell has been involved with, even though this is only the second release we've seen in over two decades. True to Astral Industries form, it's presented over two slabs of 180g wax, wrapped up in a gatefold sleeve once again bearing the unique artwork of Theo Ellsworth. V 2.0-2.9 will start shipping late September.


A V 2.0-2.1

B V 2.2-2.3

C V 2.4-2.7

D V 2.8-2.9


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